Ferrari 458 Italia Exhaust Systems

Top 10 Performance Exhausts Systems For A Ferrari 458 Italia.

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It is thy, me 3 Tips! Part of the Ferrari family project.

The project to help you find what you are looking for.

I’m a car part that looks the best and sounds the best, if you ask me.

People usually want the original one off and slap one on that roars like a King.

King of sound and be king of the streets with the best sound.  Wouldn’t you want your car to sound like a real F1 race car?

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I 3 Tips, had to make this page for you so you can listen to the callings of fallen angels that fell upon earth to be revved the shit out of.

Here are some of the top aftermarket exhaust systems for The Ferrari 458 Italia. Best of luck to your search of a fallen angel to put on your Rarri.

Chances are you landed on this page because you’re in search of an exhaust sound for your very own sweet looking Gods Gift to the world to see and for you drive and share that sound of your very own they call “The Ferrari 458 Italia”.

The sounds that come out of these asses are truly a force to reckon with.

The sounds that you are about to hear will defiantly set you in the right direction on which sound you want to impress your friends with the most.  Who doesn’t want the biggest baddest exhaust on the streets you drive around on.

Here’s a list of exhaust brands that you may wanna listen to and then put one on that 458 of yours.

I personally had the Novitec exhaust on my 2009 Ferrari 430 White.  The sound that comes out in person is truly a sound you’ll never forget.

You want a sound that is going to wake the neighbors up when your pulling up to the driveway ready to park that beast and give her a few revs before you shut her down for the night.

Take a listen and here are the top 10 exhausts for your Ferrari 458 Italia or 458



Ferrari 458 Italia Sport Cats & Headers

2. Novitec Exhaust Ferrari 458 Italia

3. iPE

4. Ferrari 458 Italia w/ Akrapovic – Startup, Rev & HARD Accelerations!

5. Capristo Exhaust System Ferrari 458 Italia 

6. Decatted Armytrix

7. Tubi

8. Akrapovic


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